One of the things I value as important, but don’t get much of an opportunity to talk about. Gives me high standards to live upto. My lineage and some of my more public relatives: 

  • Ram Singh Chohan (great-great-great-great grandfather), Finance Minister to a Kashmiri prince (according to the autobiography of Zain al Abedin Ahmed)
  • Ahmed Buksh (great-great grandfather), first Muslim teacher at Chief Staff College (now Aitchison) in Lahore
  • Ziauddin Ahmed (great-grandfather), first Indian Deputy IG within the police force. Awarded the titles of Colonel and Khan Bahadur
  • Salahuddin Ahmed (great-grandfather), Founder and Editor of Adb ki Duniya. Apparently turned down a knighthood and was remembered annually on All India Radio
  • Toor Khan (great-grandfather), served the British in both world wars in the trenches of France and in Burma. Reached the rank of captain. Had changed his last name to ‘Khan’ in order to hide his ‘Syed’ lineage
  • Sheikh Abdul Haye (great-grandfather), a landowner and construction contractor
  • Rehmat Ali Shah Bokhari (grandfather), Major-General and a favourite for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Services until his passing away at age 48. IG of the Baloch Regiment, Pakistan’s largest mass of soldiers. Turned down the ambassadorship to London
  • S.Z. Ahmed (grandfather), former Law Secretary for West Pakistan
  • My parents: honest medical doctors from Pakistan’s top med school
  • Issam Ahmed (brother), Pakistan Correspondent, Christian Science Monitor
  • Asma Jahangir, human rights icon and Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association President
  • W.Z. Ahmed, ‘one of the most outstanding film directors of the subcontinent’
  • Zain al Abedin Ahmed, longest serving Indian parliamentarian, with a communist party. Member of Nehru’s pre-Partition cabinet
  • Rafeeuddin Ahmed, Under-Secretary General of the UN for 21 years
  • Sabihuddin Ahmed, Pakistani Supreme Court Justice
  • Hina Jilani, human rights lawyer and former UN Special Representative to the Secretary-General on Human Rights Defenders
  • Khalid Ishaq, eminent jurist and contributor to the development of Sharia finance
  • Riazuddin Ahmed, ambassador
  • Iqbal Z. Ahmed, Founder & Chairman of Associated Group, an energy company
  • Nigar Ahmad, Founder and Executive Director of Aurat Foundation, a women’s rights advocacy NGO
  • Fasih Ahmed, Founder and Editor of Newsweek Pakistan
  • Amar Saran, Allahabad High Court Justice
  • Amitava Kumar, writer
  • Farasat Ali Shah Bokhari, PhD, economist
  • Bilal Siddiqi, PhD, economist and Rhodes Scholar
  • Fasih U. Ahmed, PhD, sociologist
  • Mehrunissa Ahmad Ali, PhD, educationist
  • Anusha Khan, National Assembly Member
  • Tehmina Dasti, former Punjab Assembly Member
  • Zain Ahmed, director and producer of TV comedies
  • Salima Reza, Indian stage actress
  • Ayesha Raza, actress
  • Kamaluddin Ahmed, Islamic scholar
  • Salahuddin Ahmed, General-Secretary of the Karachi Bar Association
  • Gul Bukhari, Editorial Editor, Daily Times
  • Ali Nadir Syed, financier
  • Muhammad Mian Soomro (distant relative), caretaker Prime Minister, Governor of Sindh

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