Pakistani software developers seek your business

Old friends may remember a blog post I wrote three years ago about the political necessity of supporting Pakistani businesses. (It helped me get into graduate school.)

While the case still stands, one shouldn’t diminish the merit of Pakistani businesses. has produced some of the world’s best-selling software for Blackberry phones. Their parent company, Five Rivers Technology, develops software for computers.

For what it’s worth, Mahe Zehra Husain, their head of operations and product manager, comes with the reference of someone whom I truly admire, the director of a Pakistani NGO called Alif Laila Book Bus Society.
Below is the case and Fiver Rivers Technology make for themselves.

2 Responses to “Pakistani software developers seek your business”
  1. Carlos says:

    Interesting. Thanks Imad. Is the company doing anything healthcare? Do you know any of them?

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