After off-grid electricity, what chance off-grid water?

Water Scarcity Financial Times | 31 July, 2017 Innovative solutions bring the prospect of accessible water to the isolated poor By Imaduddin Ahmed   Fifty-one million people lack access to safe water in the core East African Community member states of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, according to WaterAid. Over 13,000 children under five die … Continue reading

Leapfrogging into the light

Financial Times | 27 March, 2017 Solar systems help Rwanda government switch from provider to regulator of electricity by Imaduddin Ahmed Mobile phones were the “leapfrog” infrastructure of the last decade. They allowed governments and companies in developing countries to skip installing landline systems underground. Off-grid solar home systems are proving to be the leapfrog … Continue reading

African (frontier market) risks associated with PPP infrastructure

and how they can be mitigated. Compiled by a PPP transactions advisor to Rwanda (me). Barriers to private investment in African infrastructure: Country political risk –          Eg. medium or high likelihood of terrorist attacks, war, corruption, riots, strikes Risk of expropriation Payment risk Insolvency for state off-takers such as state utilities Inflation/currency depreciation Currency convertibility Risk … Continue reading

Stories private equity is looking for in Africa

Businesses: –    The business model is scalable –    There is a compelling case that there is large latent/unmet demand for the product/service –    Competition is underperforming/non-existing and barriers to entry are high –    Competition for financing a given firm is low (don’t want to enter a bidding war) –    Strong personal relationships with management –   … Continue reading

Explanation of the Doha Declaration on TRIPS

In this post we will discuss the The Doha Declaration on the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement & public health, and how it affects the scope of intellectual property laws set out for the first time in international law for WTO Members by the TRIPS Agreement in 1994. The need for … Continue reading

TLG Capital Outlook for Africa

Featured on TLG Capital’s website and shown at its 2010 Annual Investor Event. My involvement was the scripting of the video.

Unraveling the World’s Best-Kept Secret

Fletcher Features Imaduddin Ahmed | March 23, 2010 Medium-sized investments in sub-Saharan enterprises will help develop the region more than hand-outs, and return profit, say London financier and Kampala-industrialist In 1995, New York had more mobiles than the entire continent of Africa. This year, in spite of the low GDP per capita of the continent, … Continue reading

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