Pakistani community in Rwanda marks Independence Day

By: MOSES OPOBO New Times | August 16, 2016 Bilateral ties between Pakistan and Rwanda are on track and could only grow stronger, nearly a century after the first Pakistani national settled in Rwanda. The sentiment was shared by the Pakistani community in Rwanda and their Rwandan counterparts as the former marked 69 years of … Continue reading

Should Pakistanis apologise to Bangladeshis?

A Rwanda-based Pakistani is pushing his compatriots to admit that their country committed war crimes on Bangladesh, something Pakistan’s rulers have never conceded. Beena Sarwar · Dec 07, 2015 · 12:30 pm An online petition stark in its simplicity has revived an over 30-year-old debate in Pakistan. “We the undersigned Pakistanis deeply regret the atrocities committed … Continue reading

Performance art, Toni Stuart and I am Somebody!

My dear friend Toni Stuart, founder of I Am Somebody!, an initiative to give South African youth a voice by helping them narrate their stories, is also a poet. Here is a recording of one of her recent performances in Stellenbosch outside Cape Town. At 8m46s, she tells my story as it was in the … Continue reading

Charles Tufts Society – Gift Planning

Tufts Alumni PR video. I enter at 2m53s:

A better view from abroad

The Independent Being cheaper is just one of the advantages of studying for an MBA overseas. By Widget Finn Thursday, 7 April 2011 ‘[ . . . ] Imad Ahmed from the UK, a correspondent on the website, also chose a US business school. “They set the gold standard in education and networks. At … Continue reading

From Haiti to Pakistan: A Year of Disasters

Speaking and moderating engagement at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania on a business perspective to disaster relief

Update on Pakistan’s floods

Listen to the Interview Here: Radio interview with TiffinTalk, an Indian current affairs radioshow While the breaking news of the Pakistan floods has faded from the front pages of newspapers, only to be replaced by what sounds like flood induced damage to unfinished buildings at the Commonwealth Games, the fallout from the catastrophe is still … Continue reading

Interview with BusinessBecause

Business Because The Fletcher School Q+A By Kate Jillings, 23/09 /2010 Business students at The Fletcher School aren’t afraid to change the world, according to MIB 2011 candidate Imad Ahmed Imad Ahmed Where did you grow up? Until I was 18, I grew up in eight towns, villages and cities across England. We would take … Continue reading

Sour times

A Riz MC (aka Riz Ahmed, the actor) production, protesting attacks on civil liberties in the wake of September 11th.  

Rule of law interviews with the media

I’m a Muslim, get me out of here, BBC Radio 4 Decency on hold, Daily Times A look at INS Special registration, Star News TV Focus Asia by Ling Liu – full interview Muslim registration under attack, San Francisco Chronicle On being a threat to homeland security, Wiretap – full interview Berdahl sends back $63,000 to ASUC, Daily … Continue reading

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