Should Pakistanis apologise to Bangladeshis?

A Rwanda-based Pakistani is pushing his compatriots to admit that their country committed war crimes on Bangladesh, something Pakistan’s rulers have never conceded. Beena Sarwar · Dec 07, 2015 · 12:30 pm An online petition stark in its simplicity has revived an over 30-year-old debate in Pakistan. “We the undersigned Pakistanis deeply regret the atrocities committed … Continue reading

Rule of law interviews with the media

I’m a Muslim, get me out of here, BBC Radio 4 Decency on hold, Daily Times A look at INS Special registration, Star News TV Focus Asia by Ling Liu – full interview Muslim registration under attack, San Francisco Chronicle On being a threat to homeland security, Wiretap – full interview Berdahl sends back $63,000 to ASUC, Daily … Continue reading

City of Love

The Friday Times | Mar 8, 2007 Cyril Almeida was in Lahore for Basant and set eyelashes aflutter; now his heart is flying like a kite Lahore’s Achilles heel has long been its women: cookie-cutter LGS princesses who are more girl than woman. They are always pretty, but few are attractive few weeks ago an article … Continue reading

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