A safe-haven for Muslims did not mean a religious state – speech to generals & colonels from around the world on Pakistan

A safe-haven for Muslims did not mean a religious state


Leapfrogging into the light

Financial Times | 27 March, 2017 Solar systems help Rwanda government switch from provider to regulator of electricity by Imaduddin Ahmed Mobile phones were the “leapfrog” infrastructure of the last decade. They allowed governments and companies in developing countries to skip installing landline systems underground. Off-grid solar home systems are proving to be the leapfrog … Continue reading

Let them speak English

Pakistan Today | 3 Oct 2014 Imaduddin Ahmed The professional elite of Pakistan have a monopoly on English medium-schools and therefore on global competitiveness “And where in India are you from?” asked the hostess of an upscale restaurant in Kigali, Rwanda. “I’m Pakistani,” I replied. “Pakistani?!” she exclaimed, “But you’re so polished!” Shocked as I … Continue reading

Regulating Frontier Market Funds as Value Creating Enterprises

Imaduddin Ahmed I.      Introduction Do the current U.S. laws regulating the fund-raising activities of private equity funds raising capital for portfolio companies adequately balance the interests of sophisticated investors seeking higher returns, foreign private equity funds and firms in least developing countries requiring growth capital with the interests of lay investors? This is the question … Continue reading

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