Leapfrogging into the light

Financial Times | 27 March, 2017 Solar systems help Rwanda government switch from provider to regulator of electricity by Imaduddin Ahmed Mobile phones were the “leapfrog” infrastructure of the last decade. They allowed governments and companies in developing countries to skip installing landline systems underground. Off-grid solar home systems are proving to be the leapfrog … Continue reading

What’s in a name?

BY IMADUDDIN AHMED “India” should be a shared nomenclature between the Republic of India and Pakistan Pakistan Today | 20 March, 2017 Disputes over the Indus waters divide the Republic of India and Pakistan. There is talk of talks in Lahore this month between the countries’ representatives. Recognising shared historical identity stemming from the river … Continue reading

Crowd-sourcing an apology to Bangladesh

Pakistan Today | Dec 9, 2015 By Imaduddin Ahmed   In 44 years, the state of Pakistan has failed to make an official apology for the war crimes committed by its armed forces against the people of Bangladesh in 1971. With the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ recent denial of atrocities, it is unlikely one is … Continue reading

Did you know that North Africans captured 1 million+ white slaves?

Flags of skulls on green backgrounds terrorised the shores of Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, England, Wales, Ireland, Scandinavia, Russia, Georgia, the Netherlands and Germany, as North Africa pirates captured 1-1.25 million whites slaves from the 16th to the 19th centuries. White Gold by British historian Giles Milton is a book that puts paid to the … Continue reading

Not too dissimilar

Aman ki Asha | 20 Aug, 2014 The News | 20 Aug, 2014 Translated into French, Urdu Wagah border, between West and East Punjab in Pakistan and India Until I moved to Pakistan for a few years after graduating from college in California, I wouldn’t say that I saw my Indian or Indian diaspora friends as … Continue reading

Colonial porn – Winston Churchill, Nobel literature prize winner

Published in 1908 when Winston Churchill was 34 – yet to become the British Prime Minister, to be awarded the literature Nobel and to be knighted by the Queen – My African Journey brings us into the colonial mind, and shows us how it makes allowances for brazenly racist statements. ‘It is unquestionably an advantage that … Continue reading

What Obama’s re-election means for the world

The Lost Pakistani | GQ India The world is going to be a better place because Mitt Romney has not been elected the United States’ 45th president, despite President Barack Obama’s shortcomings. Obama’s first term left plenty to be desired. The rule-of-law presidential candidate of 2008 failed to shut down Guantanamo Bay, ordered the extra-judicial … Continue reading

Korean corporate land acquisition in Madagascar: how the law governs it, and how it ought to

Imaduddin Ahmed Executive Summary In 2009, the government of Madagascar was overthrown for negotiating a seemingly unfavourable deal with Korean conglomerate Daewoo. Of concern to the nation with malnutrition rates as high as 50% were land grabs and food security. The subsequent Malagasy president revoked the deal. Yet despite the bitter experience, Daewoo and the … Continue reading

Rafeeuddin Ahmed, F56, discusses some of his 21 years as Under Secretary General of the UN

Fletcher Features February 3, 2011 As Fletcher students returned recently from discussing careers with alumni at the United Nations in New York, retired Under-Secretary General of the UN, Rafeeuddin Ahmed, F56, recounts his involvement in the Iranian hostage crisis of 1980, more recent UN activities, as well as his Fletcher connections through the years in … Continue reading

China’s economic rise will not make it the dominant political power

Given its domestic market size, resources and untapped potential for leverage, China, according to Goldman Sachs’ projected rates of growth, is set to become the largest state economy by 2030.[1] The other BRIC economies, meanwhile, are projected to an aggregate economy worth half of the USA’s by that time, which will be relegated to the second largest economy. … Continue reading

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