Reclaiming “India”

“India” should be a shared nomenclature between Bharat and Pakistan Sixty-nine years after independence, Pakistanis still grapple with what it means to be Pakistani. Often, we define ourselves by what we are not – Indian. While respecting existing state boundaries, this is exactly wrong. Pakistanis are Indian. Millennia ago, Persians and Greeks corrupted the local … Continue reading

Crowd-sourcing an apology to Bangladesh

Pakistan Today | Dec 9, 2015 By Imaduddin Ahmed   In 44 years, the state of Pakistan has failed to make an official apology for the war crimes committed by its armed forces against the people of Bangladesh in 1971. With the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ recent denial of atrocities, it is unlikely one is … Continue reading

Playing to the homesick crowd

by Imaduddin Ahmed The Friday Times | 24 March, 2006 For expatriates, cricket represents a tangible symbol of being Pakistani and gives hope that better times lie ahead [newer version] I grew up in England, yet I never felt ‘English’. I was born in Lahore but emigrated months after via San Francisco to England, where … Continue reading

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