Pakistan, rebranded

The Boston Globe By Imaduddin Ahmed and Kapil Komireddi March 25, 2010 Pop-star Ali Zafar GOOGLE “PAKISTAN is’’ and you’ll find a host of common searches: “a failed state,’’ “a terrorist country,’’ “doomed’’ and — encompassing all of the above — “the problem.’’ Pakistan’s image is both the effect and a potential cause of terrorism: … Continue reading

Bhutto’s true colors – unashamed hypocrisy

Global Edition of The New York Times | Jan 1, 2008 The Boston Globe | Jan 2, 2008 By Imaduddin Ahmed Analysts are lamenting the assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, calling it the death of hope for democracy in Pakistan. Benazir certainly had popular support throughout the country. Her martyred father, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who … Continue reading

When kites turn lethal

The New York Times Also published in The Boston Globe By Imaduddin Ahmed  |  February 21, 2007 LAHORE, Pakistan SKIES FILLED with kites, rooftop parties, bright yellow clothes, laughing children, family get-togethers, good food, and good times have been associated for several hundred years with a spring festival in Lahore, one of South Asia’s culture … Continue reading

Pakistan’s charade debate

Global Edition of  The New York Times | September 7, 2006 The Boston Globe | September 3, 2006 By Imaduddin Ahmed LAHORE, Pakistan THE BATTLE for basic women’s rights — including the right to have a rapist prosecuted — is back on the agenda in Pakistan. Since 1979, laws known as the Hudood ordinances have placed a … Continue reading

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